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Food Process

Martin Construction is able to stay above the competition in the competitive industry of food processing.  Our wide-ranging experience in the Food Processing industry gives us valuable awareness of the challenges you face every day. By foreseeing these challenges and providing appropriate solutions, we are able to help achieve quality, safety, and sanitation.  Because of our track record, we have earned a reputation of “Food Grade Excellence” that we look forward to sharing with you.

Our food process engineering group specializes in the design of highly automated hygienic systems for the dairy, beverage, meat, and snack food industries.  Since Martin Construction’s specialty is in the design and construction of FDA and USDA facilities, our Design / Build philosophy balances life safety, cost, constructability, serviceability, sanitation, and ergonomic issues.

We can help you with food processing plant design, Product receiving and storage, engineering systems and equipment layout, dry materials handling for food processing companies, Product loss reduction, Clean-In-Place (CIP) process design, Steam-In-Place (SIP), Batch and continuous product blending, Food Processing Plant Modeling.

Call Martin Construction for 3-D graphic models and "real-time" simulation software of packaging lines, spiral freezing, conveyors, palletizing systems, and meat processing.   We can help you with: measuring food process equipment performance, eliminating bottlenecks, optimizing resources and efficiency, confirming constructability, estimating actual capacity, and planning for future production capacity.