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Insulated Metal Panel Construction

Martin Construction is the Premier Construction Contractorof cold storage facilities also known as refrigerated warehouses. We use a large amount of structural insulated metal panels in this type of construction from companies such as Kingspan

This type of refrigerated construction is unique, specialized, and requires specific knowledge and experience to be performed successfully and efficiently. Martin Construction has been building cold storage warehouses with structural insulated metal panels for over twenty years and has a large amount of knowledge and experience in this type of cold construction. We also have extensive experience in the construction of food preparation facilities.

Call Martin Construction for the construction of your refrigerated warehousing, freezer space construction, and dry storage food warehousing construction to have it built right.

We are qualified to build for you because we have spent years working with USDA regulations and requirements and know the appropriate construction methods to satisfy them. Our products and construction methods are second to none.

Insulated Panel Construction

Martin Construction builds refrigerated warehouse construction with high-quality insulated metal panels. These panels consist of two metal skins filled with 2" up to 6" of urethane insulation. Assembly of this panelized construction system is quick and efficient.

insulated panel constructionR-Values of insulated panel construction are from R-16 up to R-49. Panels lengths can come in 10' up to 48' with interlocking, double tongue and grooves. The exterior face consists of 26, 24, or 22 gauge G-90 galvanized pre-painted steel.

Insulated panels have high fire resistance ratings and have USDA approved finishes for food environments.

The Higher "R-Values" and uniform insulation thickness of insulated metal panel construction help bring lower operating costs to your facility. Since the panels don't compress like blanket insulation your "R" value will not change over time. The insulated panels rigidity mean less steel is needed to support them because they can span longer distances.

Racking and Storage Solutions

Martin Construction can provide a complete racking system for your cold storage building. Your choice of an industrial rack system will affect the profitability of your operations.

Rely on Martin for a variety of racking solutions for your cold storage or warehouse building including Selective, Flow, Pushback, Double Deep Selective, and Drive In / Drive Through racking systems.


We can provide refrigeration systems for supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants, warehouses, food processing facilities, and manufacturing facilities. We can build cold storage space for environments from -20 degrees to +38 degrees.

We can Provide

Blast Coolers and Freezers, Package Freon Systems, Central Ammonia Systems, Under-Flor Heating Systems, Architectural Services, Mechanical Engineering, Structural Engineering, Project Management, Expert Product Installation.

How we make a difference


cold storage construction, refrigerated warehouseWe can help you with the entire food warehousing or cold storage construction process from land development, drawings and diagrams, through to construction.
Martin Construction self performs the construction and handles code approvals for your cold storage building. This includes thermal and vapor barrier systems needed to efficiently run cold storage facilities and food processing and distribution buildings.
We understand the details of refrigerated warehouse construction such as thermal breaks, vapor barriers, layered concrete. These details are familiar to all of our employees because we have been design-building for decades.
You are close to the material source because Martin Construction orders the materials from the manufacturer such as steel, panels, liners, roofing, and accessories. These components have not been marked up several times by the presence of a middle man.
Our years of experience in cold storage construction has made us an authority on the subject of refrigerated construction. This is why Martin Construction is the preferred cold construction contractor in the northeastern U.S.