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Structural steel building erection

Martin Construction is the premier builder of Structural Steel buildings in the Northeastern United States. We have built Structural Steel buildings in almost all sectors from retail applications, to industrial applications, to office buildings. We are the foremost authority of the design, capabilities, and installation of structural steel buildings in the Northeastern United States.

When we design for our customers, we do not design to a minimum as many builders do. We carefully listen to your needs and design a well rounded and complete solution for you no matter the industry.

Martin Construction has the capability to provide sealed engineering drawings for Structural Steel buildings and concrete footings. We are a complete scope structural steel building erector ready to service our customers to the fullest. Call Martin Construction today for all your Structural Steel building needs.

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Conventional Steel Erection

Conventional structural steel installation is completed by the use of cranes, elevated platforms, and lifts to set columns, beams, joist and decking. Conventional steel is common in office buildings, schools, convention centers, and arenas. We can supply and install structural steel.

Reinforcing Steel

Reinforcing steel or "rebar" is used to reinforce concrete structures to provide the strength that concrete structures need for long life and safety. We can supply and install reinforcing steel.

Overhead Cranes and Runways

Overhead cranes work by combining a hoist with trolley. The trolley rolls along horizontal steel which moves the hoist laterally. These systems are heavily used in many types of industry where materials are to heavy to be moved by people or lifts. We can supply and install overhead cranes and runways.

Equipment Placement

Martin Construction has years of experience in setting heavy machinery and equipment such as conveyors, compressors, and manufacturing equipment. Equipment setting first starts by making sure that the destination is level, sturdy and can capable of handling the weight of the equipment being placed. Next, typically with the use of cranes the equipment is set with accuracy within tenths of an inch.


Rigging is the lifting of heavy loads via cabling and straps. Rigging equipment is lightweight, but has the ability to lift or move large and heavy pieces loads. When erecting steel buildings, rigging is used to hoist large pieces of steel and other heavy building materials.


Welding is the process where two metals are joined together by liquefying the places on the metal that need to be bonded. Welding methods include such methods as gas metal arc welding and shield metal arc welding. These welding methods help in the erection of steel and other metal buildings.